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Top Tips Tuesday! 3 Clever Ways To Keep Your Home Lookin', Smellin', and Feelin' Fresh

that's the rub!.jpg

Vapor Rub as a Pet Deterrent: Ah, that's the rub! Rub a little vapor rub on anything you don’t want your furry friends to chew up or potty on. They are turned off by the taste and smell.

Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal: Use Lemon, Vinegar and Ice Cubes!! Slice a Lemon and put one slice into each mold of an ice tray then fill ice tray with vinegar and freeze. Once frozen drop a couple of cubes down the disposal and turn on to clean and leave smelling good. Store extra cubes in a gallon zip-lock bag and keep in the freezer. Use Newspaper as an Odor Absorbent: Newspaper can be placed in old Tupperware or in the bottom of your crisper drawers to eliminate those unwanted lingering smells.

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