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3 Ways You Can Tend to Your Home!

Give your home a bit of a spruce with these little do-it-yourself projects.


1. Furniture Indentions in carpet :

Use Ice cubes and lay in multiple spots a few inches apart around the indentions. Let the ice cubes melt and soak into the carpet. When the carpet dries, the indentions will be long gone!!!

2. Turn Your Old Blinds Into Brand New Blinds:

Remove Blinds from Windows and Place in your Bathtub with warm water and Bleach and/or Vinegar. Let them soak for 30 Minutes, remove let air dry.

Everyone will think you went out and bought brand new blinds for the whole house!!!

3. Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal:

Use Lemon, Vinegar and Ice Cubes!!

Slice a Lemon and put one slice into each mold of an ice tray then fill ice tray with vinegar and freeze. Once frozen drop a couple of cubes down the disposal and turn on to clean and leave smelling good. Store extra cubes in a gallon zip-lock bag and keep in the freezer.

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