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Free Washer-Dryers at Almonte: Convenience is King

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It’s as if a time-genie popped out of an old lamp and is offering you more light in the day. With free washer-dryers, a world of savings–both of time and finances–is unfolded unto you.


Here are a few ways free, in-unit washer-dryers can make your life easier.

  • Save on travel time and costs to and from the laundromat. Avoid braving the chill of winter when it comes time to wash your clothes—stay warm at home, relax, and take care of your laundry without having to load up your car.

  • Remove the risk of losing clothing articles, or returning late to collect your load and finding your newly cleaned wardrobe on the floor.

  • Don’t worry about what was in the washer and dryer before you —no funny smells or soiled items to check for—just the familiar, clean scent of your chosen detergent.

  • Instead of figuring out something to keep you and your kids occupied while your clothes are being washed, relax at home and take care of the people and things you need to take care of. Optimize your time, your way. Heck, run a load of wash while dinner’s cooking!

  • Nasty spill on a coveted article of clothing? Don’t fret, just toss it in the trusty washer without missing a step.

These are just a few reasons why we LOVE OUR WASHERS AND DRYERS!!! Free, and in every unit at Almonte Apartments. Relax. Live clean and easy.


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